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All networks are vulnerable to security risks whether or not they are on the Internet. Techs-R-Us provides protection for your information assets from both internal and external threats with innovative, full-service Network Security Solutions by combining the best available products with superior technical expertise. A Techs-R-Us professional will assess your network’s security risks and vulnerabilities then make recommendations as to hardware, software and company policies that need to be implemented in order to minimize your security risks.

No matter the size or business of your company, Techs-R-Us has products and solutions that will protect your most precious information assets. From large companies to the small, Techs-R-Us is helping companies across a broad range of industries protect and monitor their networks against internal and external intrusion.

Benefits of Techs-R-Us Security & Privacy Solutions Services:

We are available to provide the level of Security & Privacy Solutions service you require and we offer fast response times, competitive rates and great customer service!

We can come to your home or place of business to service your computer needs. Our professional, courteous employees are at your disposal to answer any computer related questions you might have and to take care of your computer.

Our primary function has always been computer maintenance and we have over twenty-six years of experience and expertise in hardware problems. We are always happy to offer computer Security & Privacy Solutions contracts tailored to match your company's needs and budget.

And remember, when you're ready to dispose of your old equipment, we can come back recycle your old computer equipment while leaving no trace (depending upon your preference) of your data and program files.

We use a DOD {Department of Defense} approved utility to achive this level of security for you.

Very reasonable rates!

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