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Why do system maintenance? Because prevention is better, less expensive and easier, than computer repairs.

The best way to be sure that nothing goes wrong with your computer is to perform routine computer maintenance regularly. Maintenance goes far beyond the physical hardware, we check for viruses, trojans, malware, spyware and adware which can severely affect performance - and waiting too long can cost you much more than the ounce of prevention.

Your computer systems hardware contains both mechanical and electronic components that are extremely delicate, sensitive and in need of regular care. Many times computer failure can be prolonged or eliminated by implementing a proactive computer maintenance program. Techs-R-Us will provide routine preventative computer maintenance checks, regular cleanings, do installations and upgrades, and provide repairs when necessary, tuning your computer to it's highest level of performance.

Benefits of Techs-R-Us Preventive Maintenance Services:

We are available to provide the level of maintenance service you require and we offer fast response times, competitive rates and great customer service!

We come to your home or place of business to service your computer needs. Our professional, courteous employees are at your disposal to answer any computer related questions you might have and to take care of your computer.

Our primary function has always been computer maintenance and we have over twenty-six years of experience and expertise in hardware problems. We are always happy to offer computer maintenance contracts tailored to match your company's needs and budget.

And remember, when you're ready to dispose of your old equipment, we can come back recycle your old computer equipment while leaving no trace (depending upon your preference) of your data and program files.

We use a DOD {Department of Defense} approved utility to achive this level of security for you.

Very reasonable rates!

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